China Profile



China Expert Consulting, Founder & Managing Director

Rene' C. STEININGER, Founder and Managing Director of China Expert Consulting studied Business Administration with a focus on International Management, especially in China, Management Consulting as well as Finance, especially insurance and additional subjects like Human Resource Management and has several years of experience in Management and Financial Consulting. He used to hold a CEO position of a management consultancy in Hong Kong for some years. He furthermore has over 10 years experience in the China business and has lived in China for longer. He has China contacts already for more than 20 years. He has advised German, Austrian and Swiss companies with regard to their China activities in the form of seminars, consulting, marketing consulting, company formations etc., research conversations with his Excellency Prof. Dr. T.C. Kong, Head of the family Confucius, Adviser to the President as well as Dr. Stan Shih founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Acer Computer Group. Research conversations with the family of the last Chinese Emperor Pu Yi. Furthermore, he is a full member the Hong Kong Management Association in Hong Kong. He speaks German, English, Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese. Mr Steininger is responsible for the worldwide business of CEC.

Mr Steininger has years of experience in China-specific consulting projects, company formations, marketing consulting, tax consultancy, investment projects and international insurance projects.

China Expert Consulting GmbH, Managing Director:

Mr. Jia LI, Bachelor & Master of Law (LL.B, LL.M, M. A.), Managing Director China Expert Consulting, studied German and Chinese Law at elite universities in China and Heidelberg/Germany, additional studies of the German tax law, doctoral candidate for Law, Licensed Chinese lawyer. He has extensive experience as a lawyer for economic law in different law consultancies in China, before consultant at a well known international Management consultancy in Germany. Project experience lasting for years in the areas of consulting, law consulting, company formations for mainland China. He speaks Chinese, English and German. Mr. Li is responsible for the worldwide business of China Expert Consulting GmbH.

Mr. Li has years of experience in the field of the China specific law consulting esp. tax consultancy and management consultancy as well as company formations.

General Manager Greater China:

Mr. Kester Yim, Hong Kong Chinese, studied Business Administration with the focus in International Marketing. He had worked in Canada as a Manager for years, too. He has extensive experiences in the field of marketing in China and Hong Kong in a variety of lines of business and consumption products and in International Marketing. Mr. Yim is a member of the Hong Kong Institute for Marketing. In his 30-year professional career he was Consultant and manager for large international enterprises in the Chinese area: Well-known companies like Nokia, Cathay Pacific Airways, Xerox, Silverstone, teflon, Kodak etc. Furthermore, he was the National Sales director of Japan Life (Canada) Ltd. He speaks fluent Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese and English.

Mr Yim is located in Hong Kong and responsible for the whole Asia business of CEC.

General Manager Hong Kong:

Mr. Woody TSUI, studied Engineering as well as Business Administration (MBA) with a focus on finance in Hong Kong. He was a manager for a large international computer firm for years. He speaks Cantonese, also fluent English and Mandarin Chinese.

Mr Tsui is responsible for the business of CEC in Hong Kong.

General Manager Taiwan:

Mr. Alain CHEN, studied architecture and engineering in Taiwan. He has extensive experience as a project engineer for different local and international companies in Taiwan, Mainland China as well as Malaysia. He speaks Mandarin Chinese, also fluent English and Taiwan Chinese.

Mr. Chen is responsible for the business of CEC in Taiwan.

General manager North China:

Mr. Frank TAN, studied Law at universities in Shanghai and Heidelberg/Germany.

He holds a Bachelor of Law, a Master of Law (LL.B., LL.M.) and has years of experience as a lawyer and consultant in China and Germany. He was formerly working in Germany for the China desk of a large German Management Consultancy. His special knowledge covers Chinese tax law, Mergers & Acquisitions, foreign investment. He was responsible for the successful consulting of many western large companies like Intel. Mr. Tan speaks fluent German, Chinese and English. Mr. Tan is responsible for the business in North China and Shanghai.

General Manager South China:

Mr. Wei WU, studied Chinese law at universities in Shanghai.

He holds a Bachelor of Law, Master of Law (LL.B., LL.M.). He has several years of experience in Consulting and as a lawyer in China. His special knowledge covers China investment as well as Chinese tax law. He served some large international companies in the past like Intel. Mr. Wu speaks fluent English and Chinese. Mr. Wu is responsible for the business in South China (except Hong Kong and Macao).

General manager West China:

Mr. Kelvin TAI, studied environmental sciences, logistics and foreign trade in Hong Kong. He has years of experience as general manager at different enterprises in Hong Kong and Mainland China. He speaks Cantonese also fluent English and Mandarin Chinese.

Mr. Tai is responsible for the business of CEC in South China.

General Manager England:

Dr. Rachel YANG, studied English language and literature at elite universities in Taiwan and Great Britain. She is a Doctor of English language and literature. She has years of experience as a translator of English and Chinese.

Mrs. Yang is the representative for customers located in England.