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The 10 points of our management philosophy:

The needs of our customer are most important.

For example:
A customer called a consultant several times because he had problems opening a bank account which was not part of the consulting contract about company formation.

The consultant wrote a letter the same day to the bank manager responsible in China and the bank account was opened soon afterwards.

This service was not part of our contract, however the customer was also not charged for this service.

We only accept projects in which the customer is able to succeed.

For example:
A customer wanted to sell a product in China, which we did not consider suitable through our comprehensive knowledge of the Chinese market. When we rejected the project the customer was angry.

However, the customer called us gratefully a few weeks later as his competitor who had asked another China consultant for a similar project made a huge loss, because they told him they could "try" to help him.

If the opinion or the idea of the customer is flawedwe will tell him directly. We prefer to lose a customer instead of keep the customer by helping them to lose money.

For example:
A managing director of an electronics company inquired for marketing consulting with regard to a planned brand sale in China. Because he was a very experienced marketing manager in Germany he started the meeting by explaining his idea for marketing in China and ignored the advice of the China consultants because he was thinking that the marketing which worked in Germany could also work in China. Our China consultants told him that he was wrong. The customer was quite angry and changed to another China consulting company. After 2 years the customer called us again and apologized because the other China consulting company which followed the wishes of the customer has made him pay a lot of money for not being able to sell a brand in China within 2 years.

Less theory, more practical advice.

For example:
A managing director of a medium-sized enterprise called us and showed great distrust since he had previously had rather bad experiences with management consultancies.

He complained that consulting sessions in the larger consulting companies he asked for help usually ended with long discussions and PowerPoint presentations but without any real help for his problems. However, he still had to pay the high consulting fee.

After he had finally found China Expert Consulting he was very satisfied with the practical advice he had been seeking for a long time.

Our prices are market prices; however for good service we also ask for reasonable prices.

For example:
One project manager of an international large company called us and asked for an intercultural China seminar since a very important Chinese delegation would soon arrive in Germany. After our consultant mentioned the price, the project manager started to haggle over every cent and then had the idea that the China seminar could also be held over the phone for half an hour. We declined the order, with the argument nobody can learn Chinese culture within half an hour on the phone and such mean behaviour could result in China in the termination of any business. The customer felt insulted and hung up. PS: Nowadays, this company is owned by Chinese people and the business is running much better than before.

Our prices are reasonable.

For example:
After the story mentioned under number 5 perhaps somebody could get the wrong impression and think that our prices are too expensive. A market analysis of other competitors in the China consulting, however, showed other results. By comparing some prices in Germany and China someone could think what for the money paid China Expert Consulting offer reasonable prices for good services; however we don't support the way of business of some competitors who charge unreasonably high prices for an average service.

We also help the customer at any time, even if the problem is not directly connected to our project with them.

For example:
A new customer called us. He faced the bankruptcy of his company and he could only save his company if we could help him find a special kind of product for a cheaper price in China. He had already asked many China consultants but had always received the same answer: if he cannot pay then it would not be the problem of the consulting company anyway. We accepted the order by asking only for payment of a commission in the case of success. 2 months later the customer’s company was saved and we had earned a good commission.

The friendship between Western people and Chinese is the foundation of all our actions.

For example:
A German managing director of a medium-sized enterprise wanted to set up a company in China. In the meeting he told us that he wanted to employ Chinese almost for nothing under the pretext of paying us a good salary if we could find such staff for him in China. In addition he had the opinion that his Chinese workers had to adapt to German culture and that Chinese culture does not need to be considered.

On hearing this our Managing Director left the meeting without saying a word and the customer left half an hour later when he finally understood the message.

Our customers are all treated in the same way regardless of company size or volume of orders.

For example:
The owner of a small business had a meeting. Suddenly we heard some strange noises coming from behind the door to the waiting room. Outside stood the project manager of a larger company which had an appointment 10 minutes later and was complaining that the problem of the small company could be dealt with later and that he wanted to be served immediately and not wait 10 minutes. Naturally we helped the manager of the large company to find the exit.

Chinese consultants have the same rights and duties as Western consultants and are also paid at the same level.

For example:
A young Chinese woman with a very good diploma in law wrote an application to different German companies in Beijing for a consultant position. She received many job offers and accepted a job with a large German consulting company in Beijing, but was only paid 400 euros/month, the normal salary for a Chinese lawyer.

At the same time in Germany in a large German firm of solicitors:

The German lawyer, a specialist in China Law (but not able to speak Chinese?!) spoke to his customer: "We will carry out the law consulting for you, but of course you must pay us only 20 ,000 euros for the legal draft of the documents, which is not that expensive"

The German customer who thought a German lawyer has a more expensive price signed the contract. However, the lawyer forwarded the law consulting to China. The 400 -euro/month China lawyer did the job and just transferred the papers back to Germany.

We ask:

Why does the Chinese lawyer/ consultant only get 10% of the salary of a Western lawyer even though she finished 90% of the project by herself?

Our opinion:

The same performance needs the same salary !