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China consulting services provided by our China consultant 's for your China business

Do you know the following situations in your China business?

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  • Would you like to enter the Chinese market but you don't know whether your strategy is suitable or not and are looking for China consulting / China consultant for your China business?
  • Do you worry that you behave in the wrong way during a business meeting with Chinese and lose your China Business and are looking for China consulting?
  • Do you want a proper accounting / auditing China consulting for your China business but you don't trust Chinese accountants and also think general tax consultants from your home country cannot handle the case due to lacking experience in the China business and are therefore looking for China consulting?
  • Is good China consulting for tax is important to you in the Chinese Business ? Does the tax consultant from your home country not have knowledge in the China business and in Chinese tax law?
  • Would you like to set up a company in China but you don't know which legal forms are possible and your China consultant, however, offers you only a standardized China consulting solution for your China business?
  • Do you need a lawyer who knows a lot about Chinese law, but your China consulting company does not offer such a service?
  • Do you worry whether your previous marketing plan works in China and therefore would you like to ask a professional China consultant to do the market research for your China business?
  • Do you send employees to China and you are not sure if you covered them with the best affordable health insurance?
  • Are you an investor, investment company / venture capital company that would like to invest in the Chinese market but you are afraid of the risk and you don't have any knowledge about it and are therefore looking for China consulting from a professional China consultant? But you don't know which China consultant / China consulting you can rely on for your China business?
  • Are you are looking for a translator who cannot only translate but who also know s the specific words of your industry as well as being able to help you organize business meetings for your China business?

China consulting - 1 company, 100 China consultant 's!

Do you want more transparency in China consulting and would you like to avoid the costs and time run ning from the marketing adviser to the tax consultant and then back to the China consulting?

You only need 1 China consulting company for all kinds of China consulting:

Since China Expert Consulting is focused only on China and no other Asian countries, our China consultant 's are able to offer a large amount of specialized China consulting services:

Our services in China consulting provided by our China consultant 's:

  • China consulting in your China business
  • Seminars about China (intercultural/market entry/economic law/industry-specific seminars etc.)
  • Company formation in Mainland China and Hong Kong
  • China consulting for marketing
  • Tax consulting for your China business
  • Auditing/ accounting for your China business
  • China law consulting
  • China Consulting Merger & Acquisitions
  • China Consulting for Human ressource management / China headhunting
  • China consulting for international insurance & group insurance
  • China consulting for venture capital/investment / Private Equity arrangement by our China consultants
  • Consulting for China import / China Export
  • Business trips to China and Chinese factories / Chinese managers
  • Additional services provided by our China consultant 's such as translations etc.

China consulting by our China consultant 's for the success of your China business!

China consulting & China consultant 's specialized in China business only - for the highest possible quality in China consulting !

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Our China consulting services are provided by hundreds of specialized China consultant 's !