China infos


What do you think about China People?

Chinese are…..

  • Always friendly and smiling
  • “You never know what the really think”
  • all experts in Chinese Strategy
  • all Kung Fu fighters
  • copying everything
  • good cooks
  • very complicated in meetings
  • always taking care about their “face”
  • worse in team work
  • good in learn everything word by word
  • very easily feeling insulted
  • after a fight never getting friends again
  • liking to eat frogs, dogs and cats

We are trying to say on purpose now:

All stereotypes mentioned a bove are wrong !

Why ? We will let you know in our seminars!

Problems in the China business:

  • Focus in western Management- and Marketing methods only.
  • The opinion that contracts in China are the same like in western countries.
  • The wrong opinion that everything can be done in China by just designing good contracts and Terms & Conditions by lawyers.
  • The stereotype that you always have to smile if dealing with Chinese people.
  • The stereotype that you have to eat everything you got on the table and that you always have to use chopsticks.
  • The wrong opinion that an experienced Manager in International business is well prepared for doing business in China.
  • The usage of western Human Ressource Management in China.
  • The wrong opinion that the search for staff in China is done in the same why like in western countries.
  • Your opinion that you know everything in a better way compared to Chinese people.
  • You are thinking that the Chinese have to adapt to western Business Behaviour.
  • You are thiking that Chinese people thinking like western people in terms of profit and figures in the Management and we will unsterstand each other therefore very good.
  • Your opinion, that everything which is good for your industry in western countries must be also working in China.
  • You try to save money at the wrong place and the wrong time.
  • You opinion that everything which is written down in Books about China and Chinese people is right.
  • You are thinking all Chinese people are the same.
  • Your opinion if you are feeling well in China also your spouse and your family will feel well in China.