China economy & China trade: Experts for your industry!


Can a China consulting company be a specialist in all lines of business of the China economy & China trade?

The clear answer: Of course not, unless one makes use of a matrix organization with many industry-specific experts in the different industries of the China economy / China trade!

Nevertheless, many - China consultant 's claim to be able to offer China consulting to every line of business in the China economy / China trade. We think such kind s of offers are not very professional because the China economy and China trade are very complex.

China Expert Consulting therefore uses the advantages of a matrix organization in which general experts of the related sections cooperate with industry-specific experts of the China economy. Such a comprehensive team is also prepared for larger projects. Therefore, we can offer you individual consulting for your industry in the China economy and the China trade!

By using this strategy China Expert Consulting is able to serve several industries in the China economy / China trade by enhancing the expertise of a general expert with the knowledge of an industry expert.

You will find our most important target groups of the China economy / China trade in the left-hand submenu!

Of course, we also offer China consulting to other areas of the China economy / China trade.