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Chinese translation by a professional Chinese translator & Chinese English translator








Our Chinese translator 's accompany you or your Chinese guest in:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, USA, Canada, People's Republic of China ( including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan ).

Quality of the Chinese translation:

All our Chinese translator 's are Chinese native speakers with a German or Chinese university diploma and years of experience as a Chinese translator and with Chinese translation.

Our Chinese translator 's / Chinese English translator 's speak fluently in:

  • German
  • Chinese
  • English (Chinese English translator)
  • Cantonese

Also up to 30 other languages like Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch and Portuguese for Chinese translation.

Working examples for Chinese translation:

  • Chinese translation for visits of a Chinese delegation.
  • Chinese translation for fairs and exhibitions.
  • Company inspections with a Chinese translator.
  • Business negotiations with a Chinese translator.
  • Business trips with Chinese translation.

Costs for a Chinese English translator:

  • Because we have Chinese translator employees in the countries mentioned above there are no extra charges for flight costs. (except travel within these countries over long distances).
  • Our Chinese employees from Germany are also ready for a trip abroad to accompany you and help by Chinese translation and can also help as Chinese English translator.
  • Chinese translation by our translators (for example Chinese English translator) is not only translating but also consulting !