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Chinese translation: German & Chinese translator, English & Chinese translator and other languages


You have booklets, internet pages, books, operating instructions etc., including graphics and diagrams and you need a Chinese translator now? Our Chinese translator will help you. We also have special Chinese English translators.






Our Chinese translation team translate also very large texts in short time:

This Chinese translation service / Chinese English translator is exclusively for traders and companies.

  • Chinese German translation
  • German Chinese translation
  • Chinese English translation
  • English Chinese translation

And another 30 languages.

Chinese translation both from/in traditional Chinese (Overseas Chinese/Hong Kong/Taiwan/Macau).

Chinese translation from/into simplified Chinese (Mainland China).

The Chinese translation also takes into account unusual features of the Cantonese language if a translation is required for Canton/Hong Kong.

A Chinese translation is made exclusively by native speakers.

Quality is very important for your Chinese translator / Chinese English translator:

The Chinese translation is made exclusively by teamwork of German/English/Western native speakers with Chinese native speakers. All translators have a university diploma in the respective language and years of experience. We also have specialized Chinese English translators.

Formats our Chinese translators / Chinese English translators can use:

  • Ms Word
  • Ms Excel
  • MS PowerPoint
  • HTML
  • PDF
  • RTF

Supplementary services for the Chinese translation / Chinese English translator:

You have already done a Chinese translation of a text by yourself? Or you just need it corrected by a Chinese translator?

Our correction service by our Chinese translators / Chinese English translators:

Correction of existing Chinese, English and German texts, as well as 30 other languages
(Grammar, punctuation, orthography.)

Our specialized Chinese English translators will also help you around the world with Chinese translation !