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China tax law (only in China) China-tax-law

China tax law, income tax China, China labour tax and China VAT are often very complicated for Western tax consultants. Only a few Western tax consultants and lawyers are skilled in China tax law. However, a lot of expatriates are worried about the China labour tax and income tax in China, and companies worry about China VAT and other China tax and don't know anything about China tax law.


Problems often happen in China regarding China tax law:

  • How much China labour tax is needed to be paid and do I need to pay it?
  • How is income tax in China calculated and do expatriates need to pay it?
  • Is the China tax law only for Chinese employees or also for Western employees?
  • Does our company need to pay China VAT and if yes, how can we avoid it?

Our services in the areas: China tax law, income tax China, China VAT, China labour tax:

  • Consulting for China tax.
  • Consulting for China tax law including China labor tax, income tax in China, China VAT, profit tax etc.
  • Develop plans how to decrease the tax burden in China, especially for income tax in China, the China labour tax and China VAT.

If you have any more complicated questions then we are happy to answer them. Our experienced China tax law lawyers can also solve very complicated problems about China tax law. Some of them can also consult our customers in German.

Other services for China tax law:

  • Court trials of any level
  • Consulting (China tax law in General, income tax in China, China labour tax, China VAT)
  • Consulting in any cases of the China tax law violations .