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How we can open the Chinese market for you by the right China strategy? Which China strategy should we use to set up a joint venture? Which Chinese strategy is used by the Chinese strategy competitors? By trying to solve such kind of problems it is most important to first of all prepare a China strategy according to the individ ual needs of your company. It is often difficult for Western enterprises to develop the right Chinese strategy, because they don't know the way of Chinese strategy "thinking" and are not involved in the usage of China strategies in the Chinese culture. Moreover, to develop a professional strategy a lot of things need to be considered in the China strategies like financial, tax, legal, intercultural aspects. We help you to develop the suitable strategy so that you take the right path from the beginning, and use " trial and error" for your China strategy / Chinese strategy.


Your success in the China strategy and by implementing Chinese strategy:

  • Development of the China strategy for Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  • Restructuring according to China strategies.
  • Implementation of the China strategy.
  • Judgement of China investments by experts for China strategies.
  • Feasibility study to develop the right China strategy.
  • Strategic training & coaching of employees.
  • Training of Chinese employees according to the Chinese strategy.
  • China strategy negotiations.
  • Analysis and choice for important Chinese strategy partners.
  • Rearrangement, regeneration and analysis of distribution systems and adaptation to your China strategy.
  • SWOT Analysis for the successful China strategy.
  • Develop a China strategy in answer to the Chinese strategy of your competitors.

China strategies for your success! Chinese strategy for your support ! China strategies for more profit !