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China offices & China secretary & Hong Kong company secretary



Who ever wants to make deals in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan also needs premises in which he can work. Moreover, by entering the Chinese market also a China secretary is needed. We help you to find the right China office and also search the right office equipment. We also provide a personal China secretary for your China offices work.






Problems without China offices service / China secretary / Hong Kong company secretary:

  • You would like to want to enter the Chinese market but you don't have the budget to hire a full-time China secretary?
  • You would like to have a China office without any long-running annual contracts for a reasonable price?
  • You are looking for somebody who does your paperwork?
  • The China offices should be payable and comfortable?
  • You are looking for a Hong Kong company secretary?
  • You are looking for a China Secretary?

Our solution for China offices / China Secretary / Hong Kong company secretary:

  • Rental of buildings and China Offices.
  • Search the office equipment for your China offices.
  • Rental of China offices for a limited time.
  • Implementation of virtual China offices.
  • Telephone and fax service for your China offices.
  • China secretary & Hong Kong company secretary.

China Offices, Hong Kong company secretary and China secretary !