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Business contact in China & suppliers in China: details


Within a very short time we are able to offer you business contacts in China with managers of any branch due to our large network. This service includes business contacts in China (Mainland), Hong Kong, Taiwan.



Due to our large business contacts in China and with Chinese people worldwide we can provide any business contacts - which is maybe unique for a China consulting company. Means we don't need to follow formal rules and can also go other routes thanks to friendship. In addition, we are also a full member of the Hong Kong Management Association and through it can also offer business contact in China or suppliers in China as well as China manufacturers.

We also have important business contact in China with the Chinese government and as you maybe know the right business contact in China can open any door.

Levels of business contact in China & search of China suppliers and China manufacturer

Business contact in China: Green Level (Business Contact in China Basic Level)

At this level we search according to your data for suitable business contact 's in China, China manufacturer, china suppliers. Our price is acceptable but not cheap because these kinds of services are usually not our business. Besides the address search we don't offer any additional service at green level.

Business contact in China: Silver Level (Business Contact in China Advantage Level)

The silver level is equal to the green level but with some additional benefits. We also search databases for business contact 's in China, and as soon as the data are found our Chinese employees will contact the business contact in China by e-mail, phone or in person and check if the Chinese companies are ready to do business with you. Any additional services like negotiating with suppliers in China are not included.

Business contact in China: Gold Level (Business Contact in China Premium level)

This level is equal to silver level but with some additional benefits. At premium level we also negotiate with business Contact 's in China and China suppliers up to the signature going on the sales contract. Payment is by commission only and is very similar to our service for purchasing in China.

Business contact in China: Platinum Level (Business Contact in China Executive)

This service will be not provided by most consulting companies because for this service a lot of business contacts are needed in China. In the Platinum Level we use our network to contact the Chairman and CEO's of the largest Chinese companies and the Chinese central government. There is no limit to the size of the business or if the business is located in another country.

We also offer business contact 's in China to Chinese companies!

Try our network of business contact 's in China, suppliers in China and China manufacturers.