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China bank and China insurance law


We are the only worldwide and first China Consulting company with industry-specific experience in China banks and China insurance.

Unfortunately, China banks and China insurance 's are still a difficult area to access due to the market entry restrictions for foreign banks and insurances in China. The law of China insurance and China bank business is a very special area that requires comprehensive knowledge. Licence for China insurance and China banks are difficult to get and a lot of requirements need to be fulfilled to launch a joint venture in China.

We help by the formation of a China bank and of a China insurance company:

  • Legal advice for the formation of China insurance 's and China banks.
  • Legal advice for licences for China insurances and China banks.
  • Legal advice to the Chinese insurance law for foreign insurance companies.
  • Law about the private health insurance in China and life insurance in China .

We not only help you by China banks and China insurances, we also help you with law problems with Hong Kong bank 's.