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China market entry - China market research / China consulting for the right China market entry strategy



We help you by the China Market entry and the development of the individual China market entry strategy and a previous China market research. We also help you by choosing between a WFOE and a joint venture and in the choice of the right business partner in China.

Problems which otherwise could appear by the China market entry or a wrong China market entry strategy:

  • The figures of your China market research are wrong or the China market research is not done in the "Chinese way" and therefore your China market entry strategy is causing problems.
  • You try a Western market entry strategy which will not work for China market entry.
  • You try a to use a Western marketing strategy in China which often ignores the China market entry strategies that are usually needed.
  • You choose a WFOE or a joint venture which is not the right China market entry strategy for your individual needs.
  • You attempt China market entry using the wrong strategy or by not using the figures of correct China market research prior to going in.

We support your China market entry / China market entry strategy / China market research:

  • Development and improvement of strategies / China market research for the China market entry.
  • Development of a China marketing strategy.
  • Development of a marketing strategy suitable special for the China market entry.
  • Development of a pricing policy suitable for the China market entry and China market entry strategy.
  • Help by choosing the right location for the right China market entry strategy.
  • Analysis of customers and target markets under consideration of the China market entry strategy.
  • Local content.
  • Joint venture: Analysis and support and the choice of partner including China market research.
  • China market research for a wholly foreign-owned enterprise ( WFOE ).
  • China consulting and choice of the suitable legal forms.
  • Merger & acquisition for the market entry in China.
  • Development of a suitable business model under consideration of the marketing strategy in China and the results of the China market research.
  • Development of business plans in connection with the marketing strategy in China.
  • China consulting for investment projects.
  • China consulting for manufacturing in China.

China market research and China market entry strategy for your success in China !